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     The Sam English Company (SECO) was founded in 1963 by Sam English.  It is a regionally recognized industrial boiler contractor focusing its operation in the areas of boiler plant erection, installation, maintenance and repair.

     SECO, in conjunction and working under the direct supervision of English Boiler & Tube's quality control department, is authorized by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers to use the "S" Stamp in accordance with the Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code.  SECO and EBT is also authorized by the National Board of Boiler & Pressure Vessel Inspectors to use the "R" stamp in accordance with the National Board Inspection Code.  These authorizations certify that SECO & EBT is qualified to deisgn, assemble, erect, install, modify and repair boilers, boiler components and boiler piping in accordance with these Codes and our Quality Control Program.

     The name of the company has changed to Sam English of VA (SEV), but the quality of work hasn't changed at all.  Principle officers of this corporation have a combined knowledge of the power plant industry for the last fifty years.  Also, SECO is a registered class A contractor during this period.